Sunday, 6 December 2009

fifth day at plast-c

today i got to see a major downside to the world of client based design. the client.
Ged has been designing the unity theatre brochure for years and currently it is the most picked up piece of pint in the city, an indication i think, thats its a nicely designed thing.
however unity have just hired a new marketing manager who has decided despite knowing nothing about design, that he is going to re brand the company.

Today Ged had a meeting with him where he listed all the changes he wanted to make to the brochure, so for most of the day i researched and worked on my own designs while Ged attended this meeting. When he came back, we discussed the ideas the new marketing manger had, and to be honest they completely destroyed the theme and idea behind the magazine. The new layout was ugly, it used space very badly, crammed so much onto the page that ir became unreadable information, and the size change meant that none of the hand drawn illustrations and photos taken for the issue fitted the grid anymore. All in all it was a disaster,

Ged was really annoyed and said that as a designer you have to fight for good design and that he wasn't going to let the design change unless he had some say in it.

this showed me that in industry sometimes its really tough to get your creativity and talent noticed and that you have to stick up for what you believe in and demonstrate your ideas in a way that your client can see what's best for them.

at the end of the day Ged went to meet with the unity people to try and talk some sense into them, i really hope they see his point of view, after all his design has made the brochure the most picked up print in the city, so surely they will be able to see he's doing something right!

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