Sunday, 6 December 2009

fourth day at plast-c

today was a great insight into industry. Ged had lots of meetings and clients to speak to to finalise lots of bits of lots of designs. so today i used his research library to have a think about my current uni project and whenever he spoke to a client or received an email off them we would discuss the outcome and he would explain how the whole client/designer relationship works. this was so useful because of course that is something that until you get some clients of your own you don;t really understand, but it is really useful to have an idea of how the whole thing works so that its possible for you to cope better when you do have your first client.

i haven't really got that much to say about today, again i learned alot about the industry process and although i am not actually making a particular thing, moreover i am experiencing the atmosphere and work ethic of a small studio i think i am getting lots out the the experience.

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