Sunday, 6 December 2009

first day at plast-c

I started plast-c design today, first day of a week placement.

i found this placement through a friend of mine who now works for Ged (the freelance designer who works under the company name plast-c)

having emailed Ged and taken a portfolio down he said it was fine for me to come into the studio for a weeks placement.

although i met Ged a few weeks ago i was still really nervous about my placement, having never ben in a working studio before i was apprehensive about what to expect.

i learned so much on my first day. the studio was designing a press release for local singer/ songwriter Ragz. we started looking at typography and logo design, something that i worked alot with in my last university project so i felt confident that i could contribute to the project in some way. research was a major part of the first day. mountains and mountains of books lined the walls of the studio. i found the process of research in this way really useful as having a computer sat in front of you all the time i'm tempted to just use the internet to do initial research, and you'd think you'd find far more information on the net but spending just an hour looking through the books in the studio taught me more than a whole day sat on the internet so i will definitely take that away with me!

i basically spent my first day settling in, i got my own little desk space and use of one of the super duper mac pros!! after having a talk about the press release idea we spent the rest of the day immersed in books, books and more books. i'm really looking forward to the rest of my time here after a really good start.

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