Sunday, 6 December 2009

second day at plast-c

second day at placement.

yesterday i helped Ged research for his work on a press release, and i thought id just pick up from were i started off from that, but Ged had other ideas! he wanted me to get as many different experiences during my placement, which to be honest was something that i really didn't thin i was going to get but was really really up for it when he said it. The idea was as Ged had several projects going on at the same time, i would dip in and out of each and have a little talk and go at different bits of each one.

For me this was really really useful, although of course it means i'm not going to come away with a finished piece of design like some people will from their placements but i'm hoping that i will come away with a lot of ideas and tips and processes that i can apply to my personal design.

so today i had a look at the design work for aintree that Ged does. he does EVERYTHING for them, invites and flyers for their races and events, christmas cards that they send out to members, and the booklets that contain information about the races that you get on the day of the events. i thought his christmas card design was great, we looked at how to construct hand drawn style typography using illustrator which was really useful as its a program that baffles me at times but Ged made it look so easy and made me realise that its such a useful fun and creative program that can be used in so many more ways than i had previously thought, which made me feel much more confidant in using it.

after looking at all the aintree stuff i talked with Ged about how difficult and daunting i find illustrator, and in truth typography in general. Ged talked so knowingly about the fundamentals of typography and went into lots of detail about the technicalities and terminology of it all, but what really helped is when he explained that the whole idea behind letterform design is to have fun with it and create something that sells your message whatever that may be. after absorbing all this info, Ged let me lose on the macs to have a play with creating letterforms using illustrator, and along the way giving me hints and tips on both how to use the software and also ways approach design. I cant explain how useful this was and will always be for my own design needs.

i have learned so much in this second day and even though i've done no real designing this experience so far has been really really useful.

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