Sunday, 6 December 2009

third day at plast-c

after yesterdays typography battle i was kind of hoping i would get to do something different today, but Ged had other ideas. Since I admitted I had a kind of fear of typography AND a fear of illustrator Ged decided to make me spend the day using illustrator to create typography. great.

no actually thats not fair. i need this experimental time, i need an actual challenge to conquer or ill never get to grips with it so im really pleased Geds given me this task.

Paul, the other guy that works here is in a band called strawhouses that are releasing their first album next year. Paul is a great illustrator and creates all the images and stuff for the band, but Ged is working on this great font for them, all hand drawn in illustrator, and he wanted me to help

heres a few pictures of the type used on some posters and stuff for the band.\

what was really nice about talking this project through was that having just completed a typography project in uni, i had only just learned how to use fontlab, which Ged had never used before so it was great to give something back and show them what id learned in uni with ian and see how that helped to design process.

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